Back in Action

We will be returning to our previous Tuesday launch day. Therefore keep an eye out because the post is in its final edits and is scheduled to launch at 6:00am PST.

What to do when you are … Moving?

So I hope you will all understand that this is a no post week. I promised that I would post on Tuesdays when I started writing this blog. Then the move took over my life. Last week I managed to post Wednesday, but this week I've got nothing.

10 Tips for Sewing Safely

This is a little off topic I know. But this July is the 1 year anniversary of a near catastrophic sewing mistake. A mistake that nearly took the life of one of my wonderful cats. Thus inspired, here are 10 safety steps that will protect you, your family, and your fur babies.

How to Embroider Over Holes in Your Fabric

The snare was epic, there must have been fifteen maybe twenty strands all caught up in the bobbin.  I was using scissors and thread rippers to free the fabric in the hoop.  Finally it came free and I had a gaping hole where my tail should have been.

For the Love of Thread

Your choice of thread should take up 25% of your concentration.  If you are anything like me (living on a fixed income... or a non-existent income) then having a favorite thread brand isn't really an option.

10 Steps to Remedy Metallic Mayhem

It's beautiful, dazzling, and a bitch to work with. Why? Why is something so beautiful so much hassle? If you are anything like me, you bought some pretty, shiny metallic thread of unknown brand, unknown quality, and you have no earthly idea what the heck it is made of. You haven't bothered to read up on the hows, the whys, or the whens of METALLICS.

Open for Business

Welcome to Uh Oh Embroidery!  Where "Oh Shit" is simply the beginning of the adventure with your embroidery machine.  Anyone who has ever used an embroidery machine will tell you that while the machine might do all the work, the human has to be ready to step in to save the day when thread snares, hoop catastrophes, and mechanical nightmares abound.

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