What to do when you are … Moving?

Oh Shit… My embroidery machine is packed in a metric ton of bubble wrap since I neither kept the ginormous box it came in, nor do I have one of those super expensive roller carry cases which holds both the embroidery arm as well as the standard sewing deck.

Will it survive?  We can only hope.

Now my problem has been packing the thread (2 medium size boxes), tools (another box), and fabric (ung…).

As this is an embroidery advice blog I’m not sure what to give advice about.  I wont know until I unpack if my machine was padded enough, I don’t really have the time to write some in depth analysis about thread tension which is what I have planned, and all of my time and focus is going into how much I still have to pack (one day left before the truck arrives).

So I hope you will all understand that this is a no post week.  I promised that I would post on Tuesdays when I started writing this blog.  Then the move took over my life.  Last week I managed to post Wednesday, but this week I’ve got nothing.  No 500 word blurb or quickie article that I think someone would find helpful.  Next week I may or may not be able to post by Tuesday, but I might just hold off one more week with the intent to put my effort into the thread tension article.  Hopefully we can celebrate in two weeks the end of my move and the completion of a major post which will add a lot of value to this blog.

Thanks for your patience.

One thought on “What to do when you are … Moving?

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  1. We all start blogging with a solid schedule in mind. But life does interfere. Unless your life or liberty depends on it, a missed blog post or two should give way to other things. Good luck with your move 🙂


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